The MAXELLE Chair does 0-60 in 2.7 sec in the spectators mind, making it the fastest chair on the market. Streamlined for beauty and comfort, Maxelle can be parked and admired in any environment; the lobby, the living room or the reception. Outdoor
Maxelle delivers a stunning performance in a garden, by the pool and on the veranda. And glittering in chrome color on a green lawn, you can almost hear it whisper; “Take me to your leader”.
 Available in a number of colors. Size: W: 35 in / 90 cm. D: 43.4 in / 110 cm. H: 29.5 in / 75 cm
Harald Belker
After working for Porsche and Mercedes Benz, Harald moved to Hollywood and has created famous pieces like the Batmobile and other futuristic vehicles/ things in movies like Minority Report, Armageddon and Spiderman. Maxelle is his first commercial piece of furniture.