Itís beautiful. Itís luxurious. Itís sexy. And ethical. LYX introduces the worlds first real reindeer fur rug. Every rug is made from eight handpicked hides from eight Sami villages, all far north of the arctic circle. Here the reindeers live free in the beautiful wild landscape where they grow a rich, dense fur in the extreme cold.
If you want to know more about reindeer herding and Sami culture, contact us or visit;
The Sami people and their reindeers live in symbiosis and the herding for food is the foundation of all Sami life. Each hide is carefully selected for LYX by the Sami herders. We only use the finest, thickest furs with the best colors.
We only use the most dense part of the fur, the original 130 x 90 cm (51 x 31 in) hides is cut down to 55 x 70 cm (21.5 x 27.5 in) furs. Besides four standard sizes, the Laplandi Rug is available in any custom configuration. Please contact us for more information.
Michael Malmborg