This sofa from LYX has been crated without the slightest respect when it comes to how a sofa should look like. Using one of the most geometric shapes, the cylinder, the designer has created something very different. Both when it comes to looks and sitting behavior. Anyone that kicks off his/hers shoes stretch out in this big sofa finds a number of cozy positions. A place for serious cocooning. Cyluxe is available in different sizes and materials.
CYLUXE Chair was launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008.
Even the most basic shapes can evoke the most extravagant experience. The generous size of this chair together with the open ends, creates able space for one person or enough party seating for four.
Social encounters of the third kind
Multiple CYLUXE Chairs can also be used to create interactive seating for public spaces. Just turn them back and forth when placing them on the floor. Social encounters of the third kind.
Michael Malmborg